Bet On Football

Bet was established in 1999 in Wells (Austria). The company has a license for the provision of sports betting, casino and poker issued by both the Government of Austria and Malta. The company has since its start a growth in the world today than 1100.000 sports fans who are registered with bet . Bet at Home focuses nowadays on the Dutch market with the result that the betting market, support etc. fully in the Dutch language is offered.

Bet has regularly for new and registered clients various bonuses that can reach up to EURO 200. A special kind of bonus Bet-at-home is that once a day, among all players, by chance one day's winner selects.

If the player before (GMT +1) on the relevant day log, then the actual amount of profit on his player account to be credited. If the user does not login, then the actual profit amount in the jackpot paid and the new profit amount will be forgiven the next day. Should this happen to you then you immediately when logging a message about this.

Bet is a clear and user-friendly website, entirely in the Dutch language, a very wide range of football betting and other sports betting. The interesting quotes, attractive bonuses and the ability to even small amounts betting quit making Bet-at-home bookmaker where you as Dutch player definitely should take a look.

Bet has a very wide range of football betting. Besides the well-known European leagues you with also place bets on the South American football leagues, the American Major League Soccer and even the Japanese competition! It also provides many other sports betting. Known sports like tennis, golf or Formula 1 but also lesser known sports like Cricket, Ski Jumping and Martial Arts (FUCI). Bet offers all major sporting events, both within and outside Europe. In a weekend, sometimes up to 10,000 different sports betting offered. Also you can find at Bet Live Betting, Casino Games and it has its own poker room.