Getting Started

Perfect example of a new topper in contemporary football. Some ten years ago, nobody looked surprised at this game. City was a small folk club was always in the middle, while Chelsea had a stable top performers who occasionally ever made a success.

In the past decade online sportsbooks, much has happened in the encounter between these clubs and can also be the clash of the money 'are mentioned. Both teams are billionaires at the helm who do not look for a penny more or less. It has both City and Chelsea occasional successful and this season is mainly in the Premier League crescendo.

With the new coach Rafael Benitez hopes the London club to catch up to the leader of Manchester. Whether this will succeed is a real question. Even this bookmaker doubt. Both Chelsea and Manchester City stands with Interested on a quota of 2.60 for the win. The online betting on football can not be made more difficult.

A traditional leader in the Italian Series A. The Rosier against the Old Lady. Already in the years that there are football matches were broadcast in black and white, this was an attractive confrontation. Although both teams may still subsist on the history, it is especially at AC Milan in the wrong direction since this season. The departure of several top players and the parting of a golden generation there new team and who has seen difficult in the league.

A place in the middle is the result, while leader Fuentes as a well oiled machine running and heading for a possible title for Turin. It will come as no surprise that the ratios at Interested towards the away Fuentes go. With a quota of 2.30 makes it the best chance for the three points, while the Milan home team have to do with 3.00.