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A game where online betting on hockey the most interesting. Although India was the first in a tough group and Belgium last, according to this bookmaker is a surprise in the offing. Why is not clear, but the differences between these two hockey nations are not admirable big. The Indian hockey men there are indeed better for the semifinals to reach a quota of 1.60, however, the Belgian hockey no means underestimate. A stunt of our southern neighbors delivers ie 3.75 times the bet on.

The handball championship for women. It was from December 4, two weeks should be a big party in our 'little country'. On 4 June, the European Handball Federation, however, the organization of the Netherlands to take off, because the accommodation is not enough could be adjusted. Road tournament participation away. Despite all the negative publicity is the tenth EKE yet passage, with Serbia as a new host. The online betting handball remains at Bets son therefore become 'normal' in position.

The Scandinavian women have the last four editions of the European championship again gloriously won and are lonely at the top. Who has thrown a little look at the history of the Championship Handball see anyway that this is a matter for the Scandinavian countries, Norway and Denmark lead. Of the nine previous editions both won eight gold countries. Only Hungary did twelve years ago in Romania this dominance to break.


It's the weekend again hit the gourmet loin football fans. With Manchester City, Chelsea and AC Milan Fuentes are again two beautiful toppers in the program. The somewhat newer than the other, but that makes the entertainment value is by no means any less. For those who want foreign toppers closely followed, can by betting on football at Interested with a particular interest in this extremely interesting duels look.