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Therefore similar to the Norwegian women at first too strong for the competition and contrast too small. This trend is also reflected in the handball bets 'tournament victory' of Bets son. With a quota of 2.80 according to this bookmaker makes Norway the biggest chance of winning the European title. In the past, strong contrast Denmark has over the years increasingly descended and should now do with a rating of 9.25. This puts it in fourth place and must include Russia (8.25) in front of him. The main opposition seems to Norway from France to get. The women follow with a quota of 4.10 at a short distance, and may be an outright stunt in Serbia.

In that respect, it is actually a bet on Formula 1 egg what the world is concerned. This trend is also reflected in the odds of Bin. Sebastian Vetter is the towering favorite with odds of 1.25. Follower behind Alonso must however be satisfied with 3.25.  However, there are more crazy things happened in finals of this global race category. Take the battle between Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villanueva in 1997 or the catch of the same Schumacher Mika Hakim in 2000. It dawns so still some hope on the horizon for Alonso.

It would be as if the young German driver Vitter for the third time in succession succeeds in its proper season to award the World Cup. That would mean that after the hegemony of the living legend Michael Schumacher driving a new sit arrive. The only one who can keep it still, is the Spanish assassin Alonso.

That is the big question that the last month whenever the revue passes, when it comes to the world championship in the premier class of motor sport: Formula 1. The title defender stands with two races to go ten points ahead of the Spaniard and could at best his third world title suits. The scene in which this could happen is the brand-new Circuit of the in Austin to be exact.