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It was during the official presentation of this fight certainly been getting used to Vladimir Kitsch. The Ukrainian IF, IBO, WAY, WHO world champion stood for the first time in his career with his impressive 1.98 meters across someone who was bigger than him. Maries Watch was the name and the Polish gladiator allowed himself four inches higher prices than the younger of the two Kitsch and surpasses the size of two meters (2.02 meters to be exact).

Given the statistics of both boxers can fight no way disappointed and promises to be a spectacular show in the German port city. Thus the heavyweight champion Kitsch at 53 wins (51 KO's) and three defeats, while Watch already have 27 winning confrontations has managed to conclude (15 KO's). Losing is not yet in the dictionary of the Polish boxing giant.

And good this information, we hear you thinking, you naturally want to know how the Belfair odds estimates of both camp roosters. This bookmaker estimates the odds of Kitsch the supreme and Dr. Stall whatsoever to the towering favorite bombed. With an almost minimal odds of 1.05 for the victory he does not tolerate opposition of The Viking (9.50).

Besides these seemingly easy looking this prediction has bookmaker also another bet in store for you that the online betting on boxing makes it a tad tougher. The central question is how the victory is achieved. Through a knockout or jury decides.

If you look purely at the material, Red Bull and Ferrari, it is an unequal struggle. The beverage manufacturer currently has the best and fastest car on the grid, while the Italians to a third place come behind Red Bull and McAllen are not really reliable. Nevertheless, the wily Spaniard a whole season to a bully managed to enter the competition.